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X:1 T:Sugar in the Gourd [8] N:From the playing of Manon Campbell (1890-1987, Linefork, Hallie, N:Letcher County, southeast Kentucky), from a 1977 field recording N:by Bruce Greene. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Moderate" N:ADae tuning (fiddle) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Amix SA2|EDEF- G2AB|cABA GEAB|cABA GEAG|EAAA A2A2| cAAA A2[A,2A2]| EDEF- G2AB|cABA GEAB|cABA GEAG|EAAA A2A2|| ABcd e2e2|efge dcAd|ceee e2e2|ABcd e2e2| gage BAea|[M:3/2]cABA GEAB cBAG|[M:C|]EAAA A2-A2| ABcd e2e2|gage dBed|ceee e2-e2|fef^g afed| [M:3/2]cAGA GEAB cBAG|[M:C|]EAAA A2 [A2e2]|cA2A A2A2| EDEG A2Bc|cABA GEAG|EAAA [A,2A2][A2e2]|ceAA A2S||

SUGAR IN THE GOURD [8]. American, Reel (cut time). A Mixolydian. ADae tuning (fiddle). AB. "Sugar in the Gourd [8]" was a tune in the repertoire of Letcher County, southeast Kentucky, fiddler biography:Manon Campbell (1890-1987), who was recorded in the field in 1977 (when he was aged 87) by collector and musician Bruce Greene. Campbell's tune is unrelated to any other tunes by this title, and seems to be unique to his playing. His "Sugar in the Gourd" is 'crooked' (irregularly metered) in the second strain, but Campbell varied the tune with each repetition, sometimes elongating parts and sometimes playing them more "square".

There are some slight similarities between Campbell's reel and "<incipit title="load:brown" width=850 link=" Brown">Bill Brown</incipit>," from the playing of Magoffin County, Ky., fiddler John Salyer.

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Hear Manon Campbell's 1977 field recording at Slippery Hill [1] and Berea Sound Archives [2]

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X:1 M:C| L:1/8 K:A (B|c)BAA A,2E2|EFAE +slide+[c4c4]|cBAA A,2E2|EFAB [A3c3](B|