Annotation:Sunderland Hornpipe (2)

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X:20 T:Sunderland Hornpipe A:England;London M:3/2 L:1/8 Q:1/2=100 C:Ravenscroft S:J.Walsh,Third Book of the most celebrated jiggs,etc 1731 N:'superfluous' accidentals are as printed Z:Pete Stewart, 2004 <> with vmp revisions K:D DEFG ABcAd4|fgaf e2dcB2A2|BcdBA2GFG2B2|egbg edcB AGFE| DEFG ABcAd4|fgaf e2dcB2A2|BcdB A2GFE2c2|dBAG FdEcd4|| ABcd efgaf4|bagf gefg c2A2|DEFG AB^cdB4|egba gfed c2A2| afdB ^cedc B2A2|bgec dfedc2A2|afge fdec dBAG|F2d2E2c2d2|]

SUNDERLAND HORNPIPE [2]. English, Triple or "Old" Hornpipe (3/2 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Offord): AABB (Walsh). The melody appears in London publisher John Walsh’s third collection of Lancashire tunes (Lancashire Jigs, Hornpipes, Joaks, etc.) published around the year 1730.

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Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 75.

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