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X:1 T:Sunset Waltz [1] C:Ward Allen R:Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D [D/A/][F3/2 A3/2] [G/ A/]|[D2 A2] A/A3/2 A3/2A/|B2 A3/2G/ F3/2E/|D2 F/A3/2 A3/2c/|(3BcB A2 f3/2a/ | g2 -g3/2a/ g3/2e/|c2 -c3/2d/ c3/2B/|A2 -A3/2B/ A3/2G/|(3FED B,3/2A,/ B,3/2C/|D2 F/A3/2 A3/2c/| B2 A3/2G/ F3/2E/|D2 F/A3/2 A3/2c/|(3BcB A2 f3/2a/|g2 -g3/2a/ g3/2e/|c2 -c3/2d/ c3/2B/|A2 f3/2e/ c3/2e/|[F4 d4]:| |:[F2 d2]|[A2 -f2] -[A3/2f3/2][A/ f/] [A3/2 f3/2][A/ f/]|[A2 .f2] [A2 .e2] [d2 .f2]|[f2 -a2] -[f3/2a3/2][f/ a/] [f3/2a3/2][f/ a/]|[f2 a2] g3/2e/ f3/2e/| [e2 -a2] -[e3/2a3/2][e/ a/] [e3/2a3/2][e/ a/]|[e3/2a3/2][A/ e/] [d2 f2] e3/2g/|[A2 -f2] -[A3/2f3/2][A/ g/] [A3/2f3/2][A/ e/]|[d2 f2] [F2 A2] [D2 A2]| [A2 -f2] -[A3/2f3/2][A/ f/] [A3/2f3/2][A/ f/]|[A2 .f2] [A2 .e2] [d2 .f2]|[f2 a2] [f3/2a3/2][f/ a/] [f3/2a3/2][f/ a/]|[f2 a2] g3/2e/ f3/2e/| [e2 -a2] -[e3/2a3/2][e/ a/] [e3/2a3/2][A/ e/]|[A2 g2] f3/2e/ [c3/2e3/2][A/ e/]|[d2 -f2] -[d3/2f3/2][d/ f/] [d3/2f3/2][d/ f/]|[d4 f4]:|

SUNSET WALTZ [1]. Canadian, Waltz (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed in 1957 by Ward Allen, a one-time Canadian Champion fiddler.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Ward Allen (Canadian Fiddle Tunes Book 1), 1961.

Recorded sources: -GRT Records 9230-1031, “The Best of Ward Allen” (1973). Rodeo RBS 1253, Jim Allen - "A Tribute to the Late Ward Allen by Jim Allen" (1966). Sparton Records SP 213, “Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, vol. 3.”

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