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X:1 T:Susan Dear M:2/4 L:1/8 S:Isaac Homan manuscript (mid-19th century, Long Island, NY) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D A/G/|F/>G/A/>B/ A(d/c/)|B/>^A/B/>c/ B(g/f/)|e/>d/c/>B/ A(B/c/)|d/>c/d/>f/ A(A/G/)| F/>G/A/>B/ A(d/c/)|B/>^A/B/>c/ B(g/f/)|e/>d/c/>B/ A(B/c/)|e/>f/e/>c d|| A|(FG) (AB)|A2 FG|AFdF|(A>G) !fermata!E>G| (FG) (dc)|c B2B|A>D F>E|D3||z|(FA) A2| (GB) B2|Adce|df A2|(FA) A2|(GB) B2|cdce|d2||

SUSAN DEAR. American, Minstrel Air (2/4 time). "Susan Dear" is a blackface Minstrel song by Campbell's Minstrels, published in New York in 1848 in a folio of ten of their songs. Bellport, Long Island, ships captain, shipbuilder and fiddler Isaac Homan entered "Susan Dear" twice in his mid-19th century music manuscript collection. Homan entered a number of minstrel song airs into his mid-19th century music manuscript collection, along with quadrille and cotillion sets, and misc. dance tunes. The second time the tune appears in his collection is as the fifth turn of a "Melodeon Set" that he attributed in the MS to "M, Titus" (clearly indicated with a comma, not a period); 'Titus' is a name that appears in several places in the MS, and refers to a neighbor and musician with who apparently Homan played regularly. Perhaps the 'M' refers to Homan himself (i.e. "Me"). It seems likely that Homan and his musical friends may have put on minstrel shows in his community; certainly he and his friends played for community dances.

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Printed sources : - Campbell's Melodies, New York, 1848, No. 10.

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