Tá crann ar an gcoill

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X:1 T:Tá crann ar an gcoill T:There is a Tree in the Wood M:9/8 L:1/8 R:Air B:Bunting - Ancient Music of Ireland (1840, p. 40) K:G Bde/f/ g2g eff/e/|e/a/g/f/e d3 z2B|de=f e2d B2G|AGG G3-G2 A| Bcd ed>c B>AG|Bde d3 z2 e/d/|eag fed B2G|AGG G3-G2z||

TÁ CRANN AR AN gCOILL (There is a Tree in the Wood). AKA - "Tree in the Wood." Irish, Air (9/8 time). G Major/Mixolydian (Bunting): E Flat Major (Haverty). Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. O'Sullivan (1983) says the tune is one of a number of airs in the 9/8 meter used as the vehicles for folk songs, "the most celebrated being "Bean an fhir ruaidh" (Red Haired Man's Wife (2) (The)).

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - the Irish collector Edward Bunting noted both music and words from blind Redmond Stanton, Westport, Co. Mayo, in 1802, according to the index of his 1840 collection.

Printed sources : - Bunting (The Ancient Music of Ireland), 1840; p. 40. P.M. Haverty (One Hundred Irish Airs vol. 3), 1859; No. 220, pp. 106-107. O 'Sullivan/Bunting, 1983; No. 52, pp. 81-82 (as "Tree in the Wood").

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