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X:1 T:Take it out of that M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:Elias Howe – Musician’s Omnibus Nos. 6 & 7 (Boston, 1880-1882, p. 629) B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G (3D/E/F/|G/D/B,/D/ E/F/G/A/|B/dd/ d>B|A/dd/ d>c|B/dd/ d>D| G/D/B,/D/ E/F/G/A/|B/dd/ d>B|A/aa/ ag|f/g/e/f/ d/c/B/A/|| G/D/B,/D/ E/F/G/A/|B/dd/ d>B|A/dd/ d>c|B/dd/ d>D| G/D/B,/D/ E/F/G/A/|B/dd/ d>B|c/B/A/G/ F/D/E/F/|G/D/B,/D/ G,!fermata!|| |:D|(D/d/).d/.d/ dd/c/|(B/b/).b/.b/ ba/g/|(f/d/).d/.d/ (e/^c/).c/.c/|d/A/F/A/ G/F/E/D/| (D/d/).d/.d/ dd/c/|(B/b/).b/.b/ ba/g/|(f/d/).d/.d/ (e/^c/).c/.c/|1 d/A/F/A/ d:|2 d/A/F/A/ D/D/E/F/!D.S.!S||

TAKE IT OUT OF THAT. AKA and see "Boys in Blue," "Slim Jim's Reel." American, Reel (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCC'. Boston music publisher Elias Howe printed the identical tune twice in his Musician's Omnibus Nos. 6 & 7 (1880-1882), as "Take it out of that" and "Slim Jim's Reel." A few years later it appeared in the Howe publication Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883) under the title "Boys in Blue."

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Printed sources : - Elias Howe (Musician’s Omnibus Nos. 6 & 7), Boston, 1880-1882; p. 629.

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