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X:1 T:Ten Strike Quadrille Figure 1 M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Quadrille D:Les Raber - "Come Dance with Me...Again." B:Geo. B. McCosh - "Gems of the Ballroom" (c. 1890, p. 6) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C G/G/|GEG c2e|G3- G2A/A/|A^GA d2f|A3- A2 B/B/| (B2 b) (b2a)|(a2g) g3|(G^FG) e2d|czz [Ec]zz!fermata!|| K:G (b3 b)fa|(g3 g2)f|(e^de) a2b|(c'3 c'2)e| (ed)d (b2a)|(cB)B (a2g)|fed c'ba|gzz [Bg]z!D.C.!|| K:F T(f3 f)cA|T(f3 f)cA|fcf agf|(e3 e2) b/b/| b z e ezb/b/|bye ezb/b/|b2e eag|fzz [Af]z!D.C.!||

Dr. George B. McCombs

TEN STRIKE QUADRILLE FIGURE 1. American, Quadrille. "Ten Strike Quadrille" is a set of four quadrille figures printed by George B. McCombs in his publication Gems of the Ballroom, printed in Dekalb, Illinois, around 1890. McCosh (1855-1915) was a physician in Mount Morris, Ogle County, northern Illinois, for thirty-five years, entering practice with his father. He also ran a drug store in the city. The family is described as being a musical one; his son David S. McCosh may have composed the "Ten Strike Quadrilles".

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