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X:1 T:Terror of Death, The T:s eagal leam a mbas M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air C:"by Rorie Dall" B:Dow - A Collection of Ancient Scots Music (c. 1775, p. 31) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin d|d>c (d/c/d/e/) f2|eAAA A2|dGGG G2|cFFF F2|GFEE E2|DEFG A2| G3 EDC|(C/D/E/G/) A A,3|d>c (d/c/d/e/) f2|adaa a2|gcgg g2| agff f2|gfee e2|defg a2|g3 edc|(c/d/e/g/) a A2(A| A)G A/b/c/B/ A2|GAcA G2|(FGAG) F2|{F}E2 {G}F2A2|G2F2E2|DA, D3E| (F/D/E/C/) D3A|A2 (A/G/F/E/) (D/E/F/G/)|A2E2E2|(E/F/G/F/) E2E2|F>GFE (3D/E/F/(3G/A/B/| c2G2G2|GAcA G2|FGAB c2|GFEE E2|DEFG A2|G3 EDC|C/D/ (3E/G/A/ A,3:||

TERROR OF DEATH, THE. Irish/Scottish, Air (3/4 time). The composition of "The Terror of Death" is generally attributed to Ulster born (d. 1653) harper Rorie/wikipedia:Rory_Dall_O'Cahan, found at the end of Bruce Armstrong’s “The Highland Harp.” (See note for “annotation:Give Me Your Hand” for more on O'Cahan).

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Printed sources : - Daniel Dow (A Collection of Ancient Scots Music), c. 1775; p. 31.

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