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X:1 T:Texas Crapshooter C:Larken Williams & Hugh Farr S:Hugh (1903-1980) and Karl (1909-1961) Farr (Rochelle, Texas, & Encino, Calif.) M:C| L:1/8 D:John Edwards Memorial Foundation JEMF-107, Farr Brothers - "Texas Crapshooter" (19 ) N:Transcribed from 1930's radio broadcast. F: R:Reel Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:F F2-|FGAB c^cd2|c2 dA cBAG|FGAB c^cdA|cdBc BAGA| Bcdf gab2|g2 af gfed|ca2^g agfd|ca2^g agfd|gfed c^c d2| FGAB c^cdA|c^cdA =cd2(3e/f/g/|a^gab- bfaf|(g^f=f)d- d^cde| fg-af gfed|c=Bc.a zgfe|dcBB c2[B2e2]|F6:| |:z2|+slide+c'2c'2- c'=b-b _b-|_b4a4 |g4-f2d2-|d6cA| Bcdb ceBc|^g2-a2 =g3e-|fcAd- dcAB|c2c4a2-| +slide+c'2c'2- c'=b-b _b-|d'4a3-e|d4cA|BceB ceBc| ^g2-a2 =g3e-|fcA(d d)cAG|F2 F4:||

TEXAS CRAPSHOOTER. AKA - "Texas Crapshooter's Rag," "Texas Skiparoo." American, Country Rag (cut time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB'. The tune is often credited to fiddler Hugh Farr, who, with his brother Karl, found fame with the group Sons of the Pioneers. Farr may or may not have composed it. Michael Mendelson credits Larken Williams[1] brother-in-law Larken Williams, "a fine singer and fiddler" who was the husband of Hugh's sister Maggie. Mendelson quotes Hugh who said:

My brother-in-law [Larken Williams] wrote most of it, and I took it from there and finished it. The recording company wouldn't let us say 'crapshooter' [at least on the commercial recordings], so they made us call it 'Skiparoo,' 'Texas Skiparoo'.[2]

Hugh refers to RCA Victor 2-=2242, recorded by the Farr Brothers in 1946 and released as "Texas Skiparoo". In fact, Hugh Farr recorded the tune several times.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Hugh Farr (Texas) [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 144.

Recorded sources : - County Records 772, Bobby Hicks - "Texas Crapshooter" (1978). John Edwards Memorial Foundation ‎JEMF-107, The Farr Brothers - "Texas Crapshooter" ().

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