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X:1 T:That Mysterious Reel C:Mr. Oard M:C| Z:V.T. Williams L:1/8 K:Am "Am"EAcA eAaA|gAfA e(AcA)|"E7"E^GBE GBEG|"Am"AcEA cEAc| EAcA eAaA|gAfA e(AcA)|"E7"E^GBE GBED|CEB,E"Am"A,4:| |:"Am"e^g-af- edcd|ecdB "E"^GBE2|"A"e^g-af- edcd|ea"E7"^gb"Am"a4| e^g-af- edcA|"Em"EFGA BEFE|"Am"AEFD EcBA|"E7"EA^GB"Am"A4:|

THAT MYSTERIOUS REEL. American, Reel or Breakdown. U.S.A, North Dakota. A minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Joe Pancerzewski learned the tune from Elvy Osborne, who had learned it from a Mr. Oard, an older fiddler who was once a featured act with the Orpheum Circuit theater chain. Osborne had entered "composed in the Black Hills Country, 1882" beside the tune in his notebook.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - "Mr. Oard" via Elvy Osborne [Pancerzewski].

Printed sources : - Pancerzewski (Pleasures of Home), 1988; p. 5

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