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X:1 T:Thompson's (A) N:From the playing of Alfred Bailey (1918-1996, Fleming N:County, northeast Ky.), recorded in the field in 1986 by John Harrod. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Fast" D: K:A A,2-|A,2CA, DEFE|EFAB cAAA|B2c2 dAcc|BGGF ECCB,| A,CCA, DEFD|EFAB ccef|aegf ecBA|A2A2A2:| |:eg|a2ge fece|bege fgfe|begf eefe|aegf ecAA| dcde fgaf|eAcA BcAe|aegf ecBA|A2A2A2:| P:2nd time A,2-|A,2CA, DEFE|EFAB cAAA|B2c2 dccB|BGGF ECCB,| A,CCA, DEFE|EFAB ccef|aegf ecBA|A2A2A2:| |:eg|aage fece|bege fgee|begf eefe|aefe cBAA| dcde fgaf|eAcA BcAe|aegf ecBA|A2A2A2:|

THOMPSON'S (A). American, Reel (cut time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Thompson's" was in the repertories of Flemingsburg, Fleming County, northeast Kentucky, fiddler biography:Alfred Bailey (1919-1996) who had the tune from Bath County, Ky., fiddler Carlton Rawlings (1907-1969). Introducing the tune, Bailey says "we all call it Thompson's," indicating perhaps the tune had some currency among his regional circle of traditional musicians. Compare with Rawlings' "Thompson's Reel (2)" for the tune Bailey modeled his version after.

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Hear Alfred Bailey's 1986 field recording by John Harrod at Berea Sound Archives [1]

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