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X:1 T:Thunderhead L:1/8 M:6/8 C:Grey Larsen K:Emin M:6/8 ~B3 fBB|eBB dBA|~B3 fgf|edB AGc| ~B3 fBB|eBB def|gfe fdB|ADF ABc:|| K:G dGG AGE|DEG ~F3|EFF EFF|GFE ~F3|dGG AGE| DEG E/2F/2GA|1 BdB ceg|f/2g/2af gfe:|2Bde fgf|edB AGc|| K:Emin M:7/8 ~B3 fBBf|eBB dBBA|~B3 fggf|edB AGGc| ~B3 fBBf|eBB deef|gfe fddB|ADF ABBc:|| K:G dGG AGGE|DEG E~F3|EFF E~F3|GFE E~F3|dGG AGGE| DEG EFFA|1 BdB ceeg|f/2g/2af g2ge:|2 \ M:6/8 Bde fge|\ M:7/8 edB AGGc|| N:After last rep of 7/8 part of tune, end with a one note coda: B7

THUNDERHEAD. AKA and see “St. Michael's Jig.” American, Jig (6/8 and 7/8 time). Composed by multi-instrumentalist Grey Larsen in 1979 or 1980 after being impressed while flying in a plane over lightning-illuminated storm cloud formations below him and the clear starry sky above the clouds (and not a little influenced from recently having learned some Balkan tunes from a Bloomington, Indiana, legend, multi-instrumentalist Willy Schwartz, according to Chris Smith). The tune has been “folk-processed” since its original appearance on the album 1982 album “Thunderhead” by Grey Larsen and Malcolm Dalglish (Flying Fish 266). Highland pipers in Brittany have picked up the melody and altered it somewhat to conform to pipe scale and standard 6/8 rhythm, attaching another title, “St. Michael’s Jig,” or sometimes "Jig Brest St. Mark."

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Green Linnet 1108, The Tannahil Weavers - “Cullen Bay” (1990. The version is similar to the Breton version). LSA 001,Lunasa – “Lunasa" (1997).

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