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X: 1 T:Tommy Tully's Air M:C L:1/8 Q:80 C:Composed by T. Tully S:Air F: K:HP {g}A3Bd/2e3/2{g}f3d{a}g3/2f/2{gfg}f/2e3/2-e4|{g}A3Bc/2d3/2{g}e3f{a}g/2a3/2e/2f3/2-f4{g}A3Bd/2e3/2{g}f3d{a}g3/2f/2{gfg}f/2e3/2-e4| {g}A3Bc/2d3/2{g}e3f{gde}d/2c3/2|1 {Gdc}d6|2 {Gdc}d4:|  ! A2|{g}f3A{g}e/2A3/2{Gdc}d3A{g}c3/2d/2{gcd}cB4{G}B|{a}g3/2B{g}f/2A3/2{gef}e3c{g}d/2e3/2{g}A2-A{d}Aa3f{a}g/2e3/2{g}f3c{g}d3/ 2e/2{gcd}cB4g|A3Bc/2d3/2{g}e2f{gde}d/2c3/2{Gdc}d4:|  !

TOMMY TULLY’S AIR. Irish, Air. Composed by piper Terry Tully. "Tommy Tully's Air" was printed in the Irish Pipe Band Association publication of July, 1987 (No. 47, p. 30), Irish Tunes Old and New, compiled by Pipe Major Terry Tully of the St. Lawrence O'Toole Pipe Band, Dublin.

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