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X:1 T:Tripping Upstairs [2] T:Tripping up the Stairs [2] L:1/8 M:6/8 K:D FAA GBB|FAd fed|cBc ABc|dfe dAG| FAA GBB|FAA fed|cBc ABc|dfe d2:| |:c|dBB fBB|faf fed|cAA eAA|efe edc| dBB fBB|faf fed|cBc ABc|dfe d2:|]

TRIPPING UPSTAIRS [2]. AKA - “Trip it up Stairs (2),” "Tripping up the Stairs." AKA and see “Jew Jig (The),” "Pride of Kildare (The)," “Sacho's Jig,” “Sackows,” “Syriacus.” Irish, Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Carlin): AABB (Cranitch, Mallinson): AABB’ (Songer): AA'AA'BB (Phillips). A different tune than the similarly entitled “Trip it up the Stairs.” According to David Taylor (1992, p. 22), it is his information that this tune is the composition of the great Co. Mayo and New York fiddler John McGrath (1900-1955), who originally entitled it "Jew Jig (The)" (although Paul de Grae thinks this title may have been used for “Banish Misfortune”). Taylor wrote about McGrath after being inspired by several conversations with McGrath’s nephew, Vincent McGrath, of Drogheda, who presumably passed along McGrath’s title. Sources close to McGrath, however, maintain he only wrote one tune, a reel called “John McGrath’s Composition” that appears in Paddy O’Brien’s tune book. The tune was recorded in New York in 1921 by fiddler and accordion player Frank Quinn (playing accordion), and while it is possible that a young McGrath wrote the tune, it is not probable.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - mandolinist Mark Bautista via Sue Songer & Lanny Martin (Portland, Oregon) [Songer].

Printed sources : - Carlin (Master Collection), 1984; No. 259, p. 148. Cranitch (Irish Fiddle Book), 1996; p. 125. Cranitch (Irish Session Tunes: Red Book), 2000; 1. Jordan (Whistle and Sing), 1975; 37. Mallinson (100 Essential), 1995; No. 94, p. 41. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 383. Songer (Portland Collection), 1997; p. 202 (appears as “Tripping Up the Stairs”). Tubridy (Irish Traditional Music, vol. 1), 1999; p. 32 (as "Sacho's Jig").

Recorded sources : - Polydor 2904 005, De Danann - “De Danann” (1975). Tara TARACD 2007, Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan - "Doublin'" (1978).

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