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X:1 T:Trumpy's Hoedown C:Cecil Plum N:From the playing of Massillon, northeast Ohio, fiddler Cecil Plum (1913-), N:originally from Tunnelton, north W.Va., recorded in 1983 by Jeff Goehring. M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" D:Field Recorders Collective FRC 404, "Cecil Plum" (2005) D: Z:Andrew Kuntz K:G [B2g2]-|[Bg]aba gbge|dged BAG[GB]|D-G[GB]G D-G[GB]G|([FA]-[GA]-[AA])[AA] [A2A2]A,2-| A,B,DF EFAd|Bdeg fafe|1dedB cdcA|B2 Bd B2:|2 dedB cAFD|[G2B2][G2B2]-[G2B2]|| [B2g2]-|[d4b4][d4g4]|[B6d6]=f2-|^fedf edBd|cBAG [FA]GFD| A,B,DF EFAd|Bdeg fafe|1dedB cdcA|[G2B2][GB]-[Gd] [G2B2]:|2dedB cAFD|[G2B2][G2B2]-[G2B2]|| G,2-|G,DBB DBAB|B[Bg]-[Bg][Bg] {f}([Bg]f)eA| d^cd(e d=c)Bd|c-BA[GA] [F2A2][F2A2]| DDdd EEcc|DB-BD A2FE|DEFG ABcd|B2 B-d B2G,2-| G,Bbb BBaa|B[Bg]-[Bg]f g-feA| d^cd(e d=c)Bd|c-BAG FGFG| A,B,DF EFAd|Bdeg fafe|dedB/c/ BAFD|[G2B2][G4B4]||

TRUMPY'S HOEDOWN. American, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'C. "Trumpy's Hoedown" was composed by fiddler Cecil Plum (1913-?) of Massillon, northeast Ohio, who was originally from the hamlet of Tunnelton, northern West Virginia, near the border with Pennsylvania, where he learned to play. During the late 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s, Plum played with a number of groups on radio stations in West Virginia and Maryland and appeared at the Grand Ole Opry. He moved to Ohio in 1954 and gave up the fiddle until the 1970s, although came back with a vengeance and placed in or won regional fiddle contests in the mid-1970's. He was recorded by musician and collector Jeff Goehring in his home in 1983. This quote from Plum is highlighted on the back cover of the recording "Seems Like Romance to Me":

Now what I liked most about these square dances--they had them in barns, outside, or wherever they could run one set and have a figure caller - and I thought that with the boys and the girls this seems like romance to me. But anyhow, in a small child's mind a lot of things can happen. I can just vision, see them going around and around, doing everything to the music. And the music sounded so good, although it was only just one fiddle-- no guitar; no background--and the blending of his voice, the figure callers voice, in with the fiddle music and the dancing and watching them dance. I thought that was beautiful. The other kids would be out playing tag and so on; no/ I'd be right in there. Oh, I suppose I was seven or eight years old.

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Recorded sources : - Field Recorders Collective FRC 404, "Cecil Plum" (2005). Gambier Folklore Society GFS 901, Cecil Plum - "Seems Like Romance to Me" (1985).

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Hear Cecil Plum's 1983 field recording by Jeff Goehring at Slippery Hill [1]

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