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X:1 T:Tulsa Waltz [1] M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz S:Lon Jordan (c. 1876-?, Farmington, Arkansas) N:From a 1941 field recording by Vance Randolph (1892-1980) D:Library of Congress AFS 05377 A03 F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C G2[G2c2]|[G6e6]|[G6e6]|[G3e3][Ge][G2e2]-|[E4c4]G2|[A,4F4]-[C2A2]| [C4A4][A,2F2]|[G,6E6]-|[G,2E2]G2 [G2c2]|[G6e6]|[G6e6]|[G3e3][Ge][G2e2]-| [E6c6] |[F6d6]|[F4d4]e2|dc BA G2|GE DB, DG| [G6e6]| [G6e6]|[G3e3][Ge][G2e2]-|[E4c4]G2|[A,4F4]-[C2A2]|[C4A4][A,2F2]|[G,6E6]-|[G,6E6]| F3G AB|c4e2|ga ge cA|G2E2G2|e6|d6|c6-|c4|| ef|g3e ae|g3e ae|g3a ge|c2z2G2|F4AB|c2(B2A2)| G6-|G4 ef|g3e ae|g3e ae|g3a ge|c6| d6|d4e2|d6-|d4ef|g3e ae|g3e ae| g3a ge|c2z2G2|F4AB|c2(B2A2)|G6-|G6| F4 AB|c4e2|ga ge cA|G2E2G2|e6|d6|+slide+[E6c6]-|[E2c2]||

TULSA WALTZ [1]. AKA - "Tulsey Waltz." Old Time, Waltz (3/4 time). USA; Arkansas, Oklahoma. C Major (Thede): D Major (Phillips). Standard tuning (fiddle). One part (Thede): AA' (Phillips). The tune was recorded for the Library of Congress by musicologist/folklorist Vance Randolph, from the playing of Ozarks Mountains fiddlers in the early 1940's. However, it is a composition by Howard L. Cawley, fiddler for Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners (consisting of Howard Cawley, fiddle; Leonard C. Fulwider, guitar; and Forrest A. Turner, mandolin) who recorded the tune in Memphis, Tennessee, in June 1930 for Victor Records. Cawley is also credited with the 'B' side of the recording, "Oklahoma Waltz." Oklahoma folksinger Woody Guthrie's "Cowboy Waltz" (there are several tunes with this title) leans heavily on borrowed melodic material from Cawley's "Tulsa Waltz."

Additional notes

Sources for notated versions: - J.S. Price (Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma) [Thede]; Howard Cawley with Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners (Oklahoma) [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 316. Thede (The Fiddle Book), 1967; p. 154.

Recorded sources: - Library of Congress AFS 05377 A03, Lon Jordan (1941). Victor 40254-A (78 RPM), Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners (1930).

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