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X: 1 T: The Turf Lodge R: jig M: 6/8 L: 1/8 F: https://thesession.org/tunes/10048 K: Amix |: f2 a e2 f | dfe dBA | Bdd d2 e| faa e2 a| f2 a efa | fef dBA | Bdd efe | dBA A2a:| |: Bdd d3 | ede f3 | Bdd efe | faa e2 a| Bdd d2 e | ede fed | Bdd efe | dBA A2a:| |: dBd B2 A | faa f2 e | Bdd d2 e | faa e2 a| fdf dAd | ede faa | Bdd efe | dBA A2a:| |:B2 f BfB | fBa f2e| Bdd d2 e | faa e2 a| B2 f BfB |fBaf2 e | Bdd efe | dBA A2a:|

TURF LODGE, THE. Scottish, Pipe Jig (6/8 time). A Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. Composed by Pipe Major Angus MacDonald (d. 2000). "The Turf Lodge" commemorates Belfast's Turf Lodge housing estate during the Troubles, situated in the shadow of Black Mountain. It was built originally to reduce overcrowding from the terraced housing of the Lower Falls, but the one- and two-bedroom houses themselves soon became overcrowded. Sadly, the estate was also under-resourced, with no shops, schools, public transport or even any roads, and conditions became grim for the inhabitants. With the Troubles, Turf Lodge soon became a locus of social unrest and the British Army maintained a presence there that was deeply resented[1]. Gradually, however, the inhabitants pulled together to improve conditions. A Tenants Association was established that provided much needed advice and support. Work was carried out to improve housing conditions, provide shops, a crèche, improve transport facilities and community infrastructure. Residents established a community centre, which provided a much-needed social infrastructure.

Additional notes

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  1. Famously/infamously the army purchased one of the top flats in a tower block in the middle of Turf Lodge, and set up an observation post there.