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X:1 T:Two Sisters [3], The M:C L:1/8 R:Air C:J. Scott Skinner N:”To Ida Rose and Amy Constance MacDonadl, Cupar Fife.” B:Skinner – The Logie Collection (1888, p. 53) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Eb E2|G2B2e3d|d3cB2G2|(A2c2)B2G2|{G}F6E2| G2B2e3d|d3cB2A2|G3{G}AF3E|E6|| B2|c2d2e2d2|d3cB2G2|(A2c2)(B2G2)|{G}F6E2| G2B2e3d|d3cB2A2|G2{G}A2G3F|E6||

TWO SISTERS [3], THE. Scottish, Air (whole time). E Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "Two Sisters" was composed by Scottish violinist-composer wikipedia:James_Scott_Skinner (1843-1927) who dedicated it to two sisters from Cupar, Fife, named Ida Rose and Amy Constance MacDonald. The sisters were daughters of Scottish physician, author/editor, violinist, collector, and composer, Dr. Keith Norman MacDonald (1834-1923), who married Eliza Mary Niblett in 1874. The union produced two sons and three daughters; among the latter were Ida Rose Eliza (d. 1939), and Amy Constance Violet (d. 1960, married name‘Philips’). Dr. MacDonald produced his important collection of Scottish music The Skye Collection in 1887, while living in Cupar, Fife.

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Printed sources : - Skinner (The Logie Collection), 1888; p. 53.

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