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X:1 T:Tyrolese Dance, The L:1/8 M:2/4 S:Hodsoll's Collection of Popular Dances No. 24 K:F A/B/|cA/B/ cf|d2 B2|GGcc|B/A/G/A/ FA/B/|cA/B/ cf|d2 g2|f/e/d/c/ de|f2 z|| c|Bg/g/ gB|Af/f/ fA|dcBA|c/B/A/B/ Gc|Bg/g/ gB|Af/f/ fA|f/e/d/c/ de|f2 z|| c|[f3a3] [eg]|[d3f3] [ce]|[Bd][Ac][GB][FA]|[GB][GB][GB]c|[fa][eg]|[d3f3][ce]|[ce]c[=Bd][_Be]|[Ag][Af][Af]||

TYROLESE DANCE, THE. English, Country Dance Tune (2/4 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCD. The melody appears in Hodsoll’s Collection of Popular Dances No. 24, an undated manuscript containing tunes with Napoleonic-era titles and simple dance instructions for each melody. The Tyrol is the alpine area of Austria, a country that was an ally of England against Napoleon, a fact that may account for the appearance of the tune in a period country dance collection. A version of the tune appears in vol. 4 of the mid-19th century music manuscript collection of County Cork Church of Ireland cleric and uilleann piper biography:James Goodman.

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