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UNCLE JIM'S. AKA - "Uncle Jim's Barn Dance." AKA and see "When Daylight Shines." English, Barn Dance. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. Sourced to the playing of melodeon player Bob Cann (Dartmour, Devon), learned from one of his uncles. "When Daylight Shines," from the 1831 music manuscript collection of George Spencer (Leeds), is a version of this tune.

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Recorded sources: Wild Goose Records WGS370CD, English Rebellion - "Four Across." Topic Records 12TS275, Bob Cann - "West Country Melodeon" (1975). Topic TSCD659, Bob Cann - "Voice of the People 09: Rig - a - Jig - Jig: Dance Music of the South of England" (1997). Veteran VT138CD, Bob Cann - "Proper Job!" (1999).

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