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X:1 T:Uncle Ned's Waltz N:From the playing of Missouri fiddler Ben Tinnon (1891-1975), leader of the N:band The Grinnell Giggers. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"" D:Victor 23675 (78 RPM), Grinnell Giggers (1930) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G D6|B,4-B,D|+slide+E2-EF ED|B,6|G,2-G,B, D2| [G2B2]- [GB]F G2|A2-AG- G2|{F}E6|+slide+[e4e4] [d2e2]-|[e6e6]| [e2e2]-([ee]c) AG|E4-E-_E|D6|+slide+B4-A2|[B,6G6]|1[B,6G6]:|2[B,4G4]|| B2-|d2b2-bc'-|b4 AB-|c2a2-ab-|a4 A-B|c2f2-fg|f2-fd- df-| g3a (3gfe|d4B2-|d2b2-bc'-|b4 AB-|c2a2-ab-| a4 A-B| c2f2- ff|f2ed- d2|[B6g6]|[B6g6]||

UNCLE NED'S WALTZ. American, Waltz (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. "Uncle Ned's Waltz" was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, in November, 1930, for Victor Records by fiddler Ben Tinnon (1891-1975) with his group, The Grinnell Giggers (comprised of Tinnon, along with mandolinist Melvin Paul and guitar player Grover Grant). Tinnon, who probably composed the tune, was living in Minilla, southeast Missouri, at the time of his recording session, although the family moved back and forth between Arkansas and Missouri. The band's name refers to a type of fish--a 'trash fish' called a bowfin or grinnel--and the manner in which they were caught--by 'gigging'-- spearing them with three pronged forks.
Grinnel or Bowfin

There is a unrelated waltz called "Uncle Ned's Waltz"[1] in Australia, collected from Tom Walsh, Trentham, by Alan Musgrove.

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Recorded sources : - Nanny State Records NSCD-4001, The Ninetree Stumblers - "Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order vol. 1" (2016). Victor 23675 (78 RPM), Grinnell Giggers (1930).

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