Annotation:Valse à Deux Temps

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VALSE À DEUX TEMPS. Cajun, Waltz. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by Varise Connor. The waltz is from Vermilion Parish, to the south of Lafayette where the fiddle is more influential, rather than from the accordion-dominated prairie country to the west of that city.

Source for notated version: a field recording of Varise Conner (who may have learned the tune from Bascom Mouton) at a party, made by musicologist Barry Ancelet, via David Greely (Breauxbridge, LA) [Matthiesen].

Printed sources: Matthiesen (Waltz Book II), 1995; p. 66.

Recorded sources: David Greely - "La Talle des Ronces."

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