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X:1 T:Valse de l'amitié [1], La T:Friendship Waltz T:Interlake Waltz C:Andy De Jarlis M:3/4 L:1/8 Z:abc by Bruce Osborne - K:G dc|B2 d2 g2|d4 ed|c2 e2 a2|e3 g fe|d2 f z fg| f2 e2 d2|B3 c BA|B4 dc|B2 d2 g2|d4 ed| c2 e2 a2|e3 g fe|d2 f2 g2|a2 e2 f2|g2 gf ga|g4:|! |:DC|B,6|C6|B,3 D GA|B4 AB|c2 AB AG| F4 Dc|B2 G3 E|DE DC B,A,|B,6|C6|B,3 D GA| B4 AB|c2 AB AF|D2 E2 F2|G2 GF GA|G4:|!

VALSE DE L'AMITIÉ, LA (Friendship Waltz). Canadian, Waltz (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. This tune was composed by Woodridge, Manitoba, Métis fiddler wikipedia:Andy_Dejarlis who recorded it on a 1963 London recording. It was re-released on his "Original Old Time Music" (London EB 45) under the name "Interlake Waltz".

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - transplanted French-Canadian fiddler Omer Marcoux {1898-1982} (Concord, N.H.) who learned the melody from a record he obtained in Montreal called "Tour de Danse...Tour de Valse" [Miskoe & Paul].

Printed sources : - Miskoe & Paul (The Fiddle Tunes of Omer Marcoux), 1994; p. 51.

Recorded sources : - London Records MB 73, André (Andy) Dejarlis “Tour de Danse…Tour de Valses” (1963). London Records EB 46, Andy Dejarlis – “Old Time Waltzes" (1974. A reissue of London MB 73).

See also listing at :
Andy DeJarlis "Original Old Time Music" [1]

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