Annotation:Valse des Grands Chemins

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VALSE DES GRANDS CHEMINS (Highway Waltz). Cajun, Waltz. USA, Louisiana. A Major (1st part) & D Major (2nd part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB(Vocal)AAB(Vocal)AABBA. Related songs include Joseph Falcon's "Waltz that Carried Me to My Grave (The)" and Irene Whitfield's "Mon coeur est barre dans l'armoire."

Source for notated version: Iry LeJeune (La.) [Francois].

Printed sources: Francois (Yé Yaille, Chère!), 1990; pp. 144-145.

Recorded sources: Goldband Records GB-LP7740, Iry LeJeune.

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