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X:1 T:Varsovienne [6] M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Varsovienne S:Larry Edelman, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, 2004 Z:Transcribed and arranged by Dave Barton K:G z3DGB |: ed .B AGB | ed .B AGB | ed B2 (3BcB | A3 DFA | dc .A DFA |1 dc .A DFA | dc A2 F2 | G3 DGB :|2 dc A2 FA | fe dc BA | G2G2 (3def ||: g2g2 ga | g4 ga | gf ed cB | A2A2(3efg | a2a^g ab | a2a2ag | fe dc BA |1 G2G2 (3def :|2 G3 DGB ||

VARSOVIENNE [6]. American (Indian), Varsovienne (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA’BB’. A traditional Native American melody from the village of Gu-Achi, Arizona. West coast fiddler Dave Barton writes: “The similarity to the old-timey varsovienne, “Put Your Little Foot” (see “Varsovienne (4)”), is no accident; both are descendants of an Austrian or French tune ca. 1850. In the reign of Maximillian, Spanish missionaries brought European musical instruments to Mexico, gave them to the Indians, and taught them to play. Over the years, the music evolved. As in the village of Gu-Achi, several isolated regions have developed unique styles.”

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