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VIE D'UN MUSICIEN, LA (The Life of a Musician). Cajun, Waltz. USA, southwestern Louisiana. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. Raymond Francois (1990) relates a wonderful story about this tune and his source Nathan Abshire:

Iry Lejeune & Nathan Abshire

In the late 70's I took some friends who were interested in Cajun music to meet Nathan at his home in Basile. His wife was cooking a pot roast and we all sat in the kitchen and Nathan played this song for us. Nathan said he missed the drums and was stomping on the floor with his bare feet to keep time. This shook the little house so much that the pot fell off the stove and we left soon afterwards.

Source for notated version: accordionist Nathan Abshire (Basile, La.) [Francois].

Printed sources: Francois (Yé Yaille, Chère!), 1990; pp. 486-487.

Recorded sources: Swallow Records SW-LP6014, Nathan Abshire.

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