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X:256 T:Virginia (Reel) [6], The R:reel D:Dervish: Harmony Hill Z:id:hn-reel-256 F: M:C| K:D DBBA ~B3A|BAdB AFEF|DF~F2 ~A3B|AFBF AFEF| DBBA ~B3A|BAdB ABde|~f3e defe|dBAF BE~E2:| |:defe d2dA|BAFA dAFA|defe defg|afbf afeg| f2df efdB|AF~F2 ABde|~f3e defe|dBAF BE~E2:| P:"Variations:" ~B3A B3A|BAdB AFEF|DF~F2 AF~F2|DF~F2 AFEF| DBBA B2BA|B2dB ABde|~f3e defe|dBAF BE~E2:| |:defe d2dA|BAFA dAFA|f2fe defg|a2bf afeg| ~f3e d2dB|AF~F2 ABde|~f3e defe|dBAF BE~E2:|

VIRGINIA REEL [6]. AKA - "Virginian (The)." Irish, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune (which begins on a G major chord) derives its name from a town called Virginia in County Cavan. It was piper Garret Barry’s habit to pair this tune with “Garrett Barry's Reel.”

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - piper Willie Clancy (1918-1973, Miltown Malbay, west Clare) [Mitchell].

Printed sources : - Alewine (Maid that Cut Off the Chicken’s Lips), 1987; p. 32. Mitchell (Dance Music of Willie Clancy), 1993; No. 24, pp. 42-43. Prior (Fionn Seisiún 2), 2003; p. 17. Songer (Portland Collection), 1997; p. 205.

Recorded sources : - CL46, Brid Meany – “The Irish Tradition” (1994). GlobeStyle: CDORBD 084, Pat Mitchell – “Gentlemen Pipers” (1994). Green Linnet SIF 1058, Molloy/Keane/McGlyn - “Contentment is Wealth.” RSEC 035, Denise Shiel – “Champions of Ireland- Concertina.” Tara 3001, Planxty - “After the Break.” Fresh Fish - “Turning of the Tide” (1992). Topic: 12TS294 (Ossian 71), Pat Mitchell – “Uilleann Pipes” (1976). Wild Asparagus 007, Wild Asparagus - "Live at the Guiding Star Grange" (2009). Dervish – “Harmony Hill.”

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