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X:1 T:Walk Around Dance [1] C:George H. Coes M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:Coes Album of Jigs and Reels, something new, for professional and amateur violinists, B:leaders of orchestras, quadrille bands, and clog, reel and jig dancers; consisting of a B:Grand Collection of entirely New and Original Clog-Hornpipes, Reels, jigs, B:Scotch Reels, Irish Reels and Jigs, Waltzes, Walk-Arounds, etc. (1876, p. 13) N:Coes performed with the San Francisco Minstrels in California from 1852 to 1859. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:E E/F/|SGG z/F/E/F/|GB zE/F/|GG z/F/E/G/|F/E/C E>F| G/E/B,/E/ G/E/B,/E/|GB zB|e>f g>e|a/g/f/e/ d/c/B/A/| GG z/F/E/F/ |GB zE/F/|GG z/F/E/G/|F/E/C zE/F/| G/E/B,/E/ G/E/B,/E/|GB zB|e>f g/f/e/g/ f/e/d/f/ ez:| |:z/f/|{a}g/f/e/g/ f/e/c|{f}f/e/f/g/ f/e/c|g/f/e/g/ f/e/g/f/|e/c/B/G/ E>e| g/f/e/g f/e/c|{g}f/e/f/g/ f>f|g/b/e/g/ B/e/f/g/|a/g/f/e/ d/c/B/A/:| P:Break G/A/B/c/ d/e/f/g/|{=g}a{g}a {g}a{g}a!D.C.!||

WALK AROUND DANCE [1]. American, Minstrel Tune (2/4 time). E Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBC. Composed by minstrel performer George H. Coes. E. Le Roy Rice, in Monarchs of Minstrelsy (1911) records:

George H. Coes was a splendid "straight man," possessed a fine voice, and was an excellent banjoist.

He went to California about 1852 from the east, and identified himself with several minstrel companies there. He remained for several years, then returned to New York, where he opened with Wood and Christy's Minstrels, October 15, 1857. In the Spring of the following year he again went to California, where he appeared with George Christy's Minstrels. In 1859, with Sam Wells, he organized Coes and Wells' Minstrels in California.

A few years later he again came East, subsequently joining the Morris Brothers' Minstrels in Boston. He left them February 13, 1866, and on the following March 5, he was at the opening of Seaver's Minstrels in Brooklyn, N.Y., in the theater now known as the Novelty. A year later, with S.S. Purdy, and Frank Converse, Purdy, Coes and Converse's Minstrels were organized.

Mr. Coes played stock engagements at Pastor's, Bob Butler's and John Hart's theatres in New York City for many years. He formed a partnership with Luke Schoolcraft in 1874, which terminated in 1889.

George H. Coes was born in Providence, R.I., about 1828; he died in Cambridge, Mass., March 16, 1897.

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Printed sources : - Coes (Album of Jigs and Reels), 1876; p. 13.

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