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X:1 T:Walk Round C:Picayune Butler M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Air B:James Buckley -- Buckley's New Banjo Method (1860, p. 79) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G A|dd ze|zfzg|zf ze|d g/e/ d/B/ A/G/| zd eg|fa zb-|bg d>B|G>B (3B/A/G/ A/G/ F/D/:| |:G/B/- (3B/B/G/ c/B/ A/c/|B/A/ G/B/ A/G/ F/D/|G/(B/ (3B/)B/G/ c/B/ A/c/|B/d/ g/e/ d/B/ A/F/| G/B/- (3B/B/G/ c/B/ A/c/|B/A/ G/B/ A/F/ D|G,/B,/ D/B,/ C/D/ E/C/|C/A/ (3D/D/F/ G:|]

WALK ROUND. American, Dance Tune (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A 'Walk Around' was the finale of the first act of a minstrel show and was the time where each member of the troupe, in turn, could showcase their best and most distinctive dance moves. See note for another of Picayune Butler's tunes "Camp-Town Reel" for more on Butler.

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Printed sources : - Buckley (Buckley's New Banjo Method), 1860; p. 79.

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