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X:1 T:Walk in de Parlor [1] M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Air N:Allegro N:"Arranged by E.P. Christy and sung by Thos. Vaughn of Christy's Minstrels" S:Sheet music published by Jaques & Brother, 385 Broadway K:A "Intro."A>B|c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c B2 A>B|c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c A2 A>B| c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c B2 A>B|c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c A2|| "Verse"(AB)|c>E E>E FE A>B|c>A e>c B B (AB)|c>E E>E (FE) A>B|c A e c A A (AB)| c>E E>E (FE) A>B|c>A e>c B2 (AB)|c>E EE F>E AB/ B/|c>A e>c A2 zE| (Ac) e2 (Ac) e2|(A>c) e>c B2 z2|A>c e>e e2 e e|f e c A B4|| "Chorus"A>c e>e e2 a e |f>e c>A B2 (AB)|c>E E>E F E A>B|c>A e>c A2 "Instrumental"A>B| c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c B>EA>B|c>EE>E F>EA>B|c>Ae>c [A2c2e2a2]||

WALK IN THE PARLOR [1]. AKA and see "Walking in the Parlor." American, Air (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The song, as performed by Christy's Minstrels, was published in New York in 1847. The dialect lyric begins:


I'm right from old Virginny, wid my head so full of knarledge,
I never went to free school, or any odder college,
But I will tell you one ting, it is a certain fact,
I'll git you 'scription of de world in a twinkling of a crack,
So walk in, walk in, walk in I say!
Walk in to de parlor, and hear de banjo play.

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Printed sources : - Gumbo Chaff (The Complete Preceptor for the Banjo), 1851; p. 11.

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