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X:73 T:Walking In The Parlor (Hollis) C:from D. Dix Hollis (1861-1927) S:via Mozaik Z:abc-transcription Josh Larios <>, 2014.11.18 S:Mozaik, Changing Trains N:Finish on a 4-repeat of the A section. N:NB: Chords here are a total mess. Ignore them. M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G DF |: "G"GABG DFGA | "C"BABG AGEF | "G" GABG DFGA |1 "D7"BGAF "G"G2 DF :| |2 "D7"BGAF "G"G2 D2 :|3 "D7"BGAF "G"GA Bc || "G"d4 g3a | bagb "C"ag- ga | "G"bedg eaga | "D7"bgab "G"g2 ga |"G"gedg "C"eaga | "G"babg "C"abga | "G"bedg "C"eaga | "D"bgab "G"g2 (b_b |"G"=b)aga ge"D"dg | "C"eg- ga gfgg | "Am"edBG "Bm7"AGEF | "C "GABG DFGA | "D"BGAF "G"G2 DF ||

WALKING IN THE PARLOR [3]. American, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB'. Similar to "Walking in the Parlor (1)," albeit a ‘crooked’ (irregular meter) version.

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Source for notated version : -
A page from Joyce Cauthen's "With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow: Old Time Fiddling in Alabama" (1989)

D. Dix Hollis (1861-1927, Alabama) [Phillips]. Hollis was descended from a family of West Alabama planters with large slave holdings. At the age of 10 Hollis learned to fiddle from a family servant and from older fiddlers around Sulligent, Alabama. While studying medicine in Baltimore for 5 months in 1884, he also took lessons from a classical violinist, and after completing his studies he returned to become the town physician of Sulligent. In 1924 he travelled to New York and recorded 12 tunes for Paramount Records.

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 252.

Recorded sources : - Document DOCD 8032, D. Dix Hollis (et al) – “Alabama Stringbands.” Paramount 33153 (78 RPM), Dr. D. Dix Hollis (1924).

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