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WALTZ [1], A. English, Waltz. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'CC'. A very early waltz, circe 1800, when the new form was considered, in some circles, inappropriately intimate. It is generally accepted that the waltz was introduced in English society circles around the year 1812. The Prince Regent danced it at a ball in London in 1816, when it was still relatively new, making it acceptable for society recreation. As Matthiesen (1995) and others have pointed out, the popularity of the waltz as a couple dance shifted the emphasis away from the larger social group and the community-type round and line dances.

An illustration from London dancing master Thomas Wilson's The Truly Fashionable Species of Dancing (1816).

Source for notated version: English country dance leader Christine Helwig (Conn.) [Matthiesen].

Printed sources: Matthiesen (Waltz Book II), 1995; p. 73.

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