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X: 1 T:Three "Waltz-Ons". FTB.075 T:Waltz Country Dance. FTB.075 M:3/4 Q:80 S:Fiddler's Tune Book 1, pub.EFDSS.1952 R:.Waltz O:England Z:Chris Partington <> K:G "l"d|gB/B/B|dG/G/G|F/G/A/B/ c/d/|edd|gB/B/B|dG/G/G|Fed|G2|| "ll"d|gfe|d^cd|edc|dBd|gfe|d^cd|cBA|G2|| K:D "lll"(f/g/ f/g/)|baf|age|gfd|d(f/g/ f/g/)|baf|age|dd/f/ d/f/|d|]

WALTZ COUNTRY DANCE - THREE WALTZ-ONS.' English, Waltz. G Major ('A' and 'B' parts) & D Major ('C' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. The three single-strain tunes are arranged in a set of "Waltz Ons" in Peter Kennedy's 1952 tune book. The third tune corresponds to the first strain of "Spanish Air" contained in the 1858 music manuscript collection of Feltwell, Norfolk, East Anglia, musician William Clarke, who was probably a flute player. The Waltz Country Dance is a hybrid form for English and Scottish ceilidh dancing that employs waltz steps with country dance figures. There are various Waltz Country Dance formations and tunes (see also "Come Over the Stream to Charlie").

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Printed sources : - Kennedy (Fiddler’s Tune Book, vol. 1), 1952; No. 75; p. 37.

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