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WATCHMAN'S SONG. English, Air (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. From Charles Dibdin's (c. 1745-1814) speaking pantomime (with songs) The Touchstone or Herlequin Traveller. Dibdin was an actor and a singer who also composed much music for various ballad operas, though his chief claim to fame was a one-man-review called the Private Entertainment, for which over the years he wrote many songs.

Charles Dibdin

My name's Ted Blarney I'll be bound--
Man and boy upon this ground
Full twenty years I've beat my round
Crying Vauxhill Watch!

And as that time's a little short,
With some small folks that here resort,
To be sure I have not had some sport,
Crying Vauxhall watch.

Oh of pretty wenches drest so tight,
And macaronies what a sight,
Of a moonlight morn I've bid good night,
Crying Vauxhall watch.

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