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X:1 T:Waterford Hornpipe M:C| L:1/8 R:Hornpipe S:O’Farrell – National Irish Music for the Union Pipes (1804) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G dc | BdGG G2 AG | FADE D3c | BdGG G2 Bd | egfa gedc | Bd GG G2 AG | FADE D3c |BGdB ecAF | G2 GA G2 :| |: g/a/ | b3c' bgdg | fgab gfed | efge abag | fadd d2 ga | b3 c' bgdg | fgab gfed | egfa gedc | B2G2G2 :| |: Bc | (dB) B2 DGBG | (dB) G2 DGBG |cA A2 DFAF | cA A2 DFAF | dBGB ecAc | egfa gfga | bgaf gedc | B2G2G2 :|]

WATERFORD HORNPIPE. AKA and see “Dwyer's Hornpipe (2),” "Gasúr Mor (An)," "Prime's Hornpipe," "Muddy Water (1)," "Durroch's Hornpipe," "O'Dwyer's Hornpipe (1)." Irish, Hornpipe. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. Neil Mulligan says the tune is “one of several tunes (O’Farrell) named and renamed after his favorite city,” Waterford. See also the possibly cognate "Banks Hornpipe (2)." See also note for "annotation:Prime's Hornpipe."

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Printed sources : - O'Farrell (Collection of National Irish Music for the Union Pipes), 1804; p. 24.

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