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WAVE THAT FRAME. Old-Time. Lowe Stokes [1] (1898-1983) was a north Georgia fiddler who was a member of the famous Skillet Lickers but who also fronted his own bands and made recordings in his own name. “Wave that Frame” was recorded in 1928 with a band, the North Georgians, fronted by Stokes. The melody to the song was used a year later by the Georgia Yellow Hammers for Bud Landress’s song “Rip Van Winkle Blues.” Stokes' cut features a guitar solo by Perry Bechtel, an Atlanta guitarist and banjo player who used to appear on radio billed as "The Boy with a Thousand Fingers" [Tony Russell, "Country Music Originals", 2007].

Lowe Stokes

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Recorded sources: Columbia 15367-D (78 RPM), Lowe Stokes & His North Georgians (1928). Document 8045, “Lowe Stokes, vol. 1: 1927-1930” (1999 reissue).

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