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X:1 T:Waves on the Ocean L:1/8 M:2/4 S:Joe Caudill, from notation by Tom Sauber K:G B(A/E/ D/)E/G/A/|g/(a/g/)d/ ed/g/|e/d/B/G/ AG/A/|B/A/B/(d/ B/A/)G/B/| A/G/E/G/ (D/E/)G/e/|(g/a/g/)d/ ed/g/|e/d/B/G/ AG|(A/B/)B/A/ B>(B| B)(G/E/ D/)E/G/A/|g/a/g/d/ ed/g/|e/d/B/G/ AG/A/|B/A/B/(d/ B/A/)G/B/| A/G/E/G/ (D/E/)G/A/|(g/a/g/)d/ ed/g/|e/d/B/G/ AG|(A/B/)B/A/ B(B| B)(B/d/ d)(d/B/|d)(d/B/ d/)d/e/d/|c/(B/A/B/) A/B/A/(F/|D/F/)A (A/B/)c/c/| B/(G/G) (d/B/)G/B/|d(d/B/) d/d/e/d/|c/(B/A/B/) A/B/A/(F/|D/F/)A (A/B/)c/c/| B/G/G/(E/ D/E/)G/e/| g/a/g/(d/ e)d/g/|e/d/B/(G/ A)G/A/|(B/A/)B/d/ B/A/G/B/| A/G/E/G/ (D/E/)G/G/|(g/a/g/)d/ ed/g/|e/d/B/G/ AG|(A/B/)G/A/ B>(B||

WAVES ON THE OCEAN. AKA and see "Old Woman Old Woman," "Pleasures of the Single Life." American, Reel (cut time). USA, southwesternVirginia. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Krassen): AABB (Phillips). Miles Krassen (1983) says that Galax, Virginia, fiddler Emmett Lundy claimed this tune developed from a song popular in the area called "Old Woman, Old Woman, Don't You Want To Marry?" Lundy was recorded in Galax in 1941 by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress, and was accompanied on guitar by his son, Kelly Lundy. Mr. Lundy's younger Galax-area acquaintance, Parley Parsons (1902-1984), also played the tune and was recorded in the field.
Emmett Lundy (1864-1953)

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Emmett Lundy (Grayson County, Virginia) [Krassen, Phillips].

Printed sources : - Krassen (Masters of Old Time Fiddling), 1983; p. 33. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 253.

Recorded sources : - Field Recorders Collective FRC705, Parley Parsons – "Old Galax Fiddling." Library of Congress AFS AFS 04938 B03, Emmett Lundy (1941). Rounder, Huston Caudill (Va.) - "Old Originals, vol. 2" (1978). String Records STR802, Emmett Lundy - "Fiddle Tunes From Grayson County, Virginia" (1977).

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