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WAYNE MERRILL’S. American, Jig. USA, New Hampshire. Rodney Miller told interviewer Sarah Jane Nelson in 2015 (Fiddler Magazine, Summer, 2015):

There was a fiddler named Wayne Merrill, out in West Walworth, near Rochester—he had been a lumberjack in his youth. He was in his late eighties when I met him. He had a repertoire from the turn of the century, stuff from Coles’ 1,000 Fiddle Tunes…. He had an eccentric repertoire, he told me all these stories about lumber camp and logging, like the mountain lion coming onto the roof of his cabin—he knew some quirky tunes, one of which I later recorded as ‘Wayne Merrill’s Jig,’ on the New Leaf CD with David Surette.

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Recorded sources: Great Meadow Music GMM 2002, Rodney Miller & David Surette – “New Leaf” (2000).

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