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X:1 T:We’re gayly yet B:Hinton - Universal Magazine of Knowledge & Pleasure (Oct. 1749, p. 185) M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air & Country Dance Tune K:G G|G2d dcB|A2e efg|G2 B/c/ dBd|G2d d2c/B/| cec B2B|A>BA f2 e/f/|g>fe dgG|G2d d2:| M:9/8 L:1/8 D|G2g d2B d2B|G2g d2B d2B|G2g dcB cde|=f2A A2B c2:| |:B/A/|E2E BAB c2 B/A/|GAG BAB c2 B/A/|GAG BAB cde|=f2A A2B c2:|]

WE'RE GAYLY YET. AKA - "We're gaily yet." AKA and see ""We're no very fu' but we're gaily yet," "Up with Aily (2)." English, Scottish; Air and Country Dance Tune (6/8 & 9/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. As a country dance, the tune was printed by John Hinton in his periodical Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure (Oct., 1749, p. 183) and by John Johnson in Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 5 (London, 1750). The song can be found in Calliope (1788) and The Convivial Songster (1782), and various songsheets.

"We're no very fu' but we're gaily yet" is a song that manages to be both convivial and mildly bawdy at the same time. The lyric in Calliope goes:

We're gaily yet, and we're gaily yet,
And we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet;
Then sit ye a while and tipple a bit;
For we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet.

There was a lad and they ca'd him Dick
He ga'e me a kiss and I bit his lip;
And down in the garden he shew'd me a trick;
And we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet.
And we're gaily yet, &c.

There were three lads, and they were clad;
There were three lasses, and them they had;
Three trees in the orchard are newly sprung;
And we's a' get gear enough, but we're young.
And we're gaily yet, &c.

Then up wi't Ailey, Ailey,
Up wi't Ailey now;
Then up wi't Ailey, quo' cummer,
We's a' get roaring fu'

And one was kiss'd in the barn;
Another was kiss'd on the green;
And the t'other behind the pease-stack,
Till the mow flew up to her een.
Then up wi't Ailey, &c.

Now fy, John Thomson, rin,
Gin ever ye ran in your life;
De'il get ye, but hie, my dear Jock,
There's a man got to bed with your wife.
Then up wi't Ailey, &c.

Then away John Thomson ran,
And I trow he ran with speed;
But before he had run his length,
The false loon had done the deed.
Then up wi't Ailey &c.

(End with the first verse, We're gaily yet, &c.)

See note for "annotation:I Cannot Win at Her for Her Big Belly for more.

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