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WE’RE NO AWA’ TAE BIDE AWA’. AKA – “Carnwath Mill,” “Johnnie Scobbie.” Scottish, March (2/4) and Air. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. A song air (originally a drinking song), by custom sung at the end of events as a kind of farewell. Pipers sometimes play the tune, for example, when a ship leaves the quay, or at funerals and reunions. There are various sets of words, but the chorus usually goes:

For we're no' awa' tae bide awa',
For we're no' awa tae le'e ye,
For we're no' awa' tae bide awa',
We'll aye come back an' see ye.

As I gaed doon by Wilsontoon
I met auld Johnnie Scobbie,
Says I to him will ye hae a hauf,
Says he, "Man! That's my hobby."

So we had a hauf an' anither hauf, And then we had anither, When he got fou' he shouted "Hoo! It's Carnwath Mill for ever."
We wandered doon the street again
We cleekit unco cheery,
When John got hame his wife cried shame,
I see you're enjoyin' your hobby.

Of a' the friens that ere I kenned,
There's nane like Johnnie Scobbie,
His hert is leal, he's true as steel,
An' a hauf is aye his hobby.

So whenever friendly friens may meet,
Wherever Scots foregather,
We'll raise our gless, we'll shout Hurroo,
It's Carnwath Mill for ever.

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