Annotation:We're no very fu' but we're gaily yet

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X:1 T:We're gaily yet M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Moderate" B:Calliope (1788, Song CCLII) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G G|G2d d c B|A2e e>f g|g2B/ c/ d B d|G2d d2 c/B/| c e c B2B|A>B A f2 e/ f/|g>f e d g G|G2 d d2|| M:9/8 L:1/8 "Brisk"D|G2 g d2 B d2B|G2g d2B c2A| G2g d c B c d e|=f2A A2B c2:| |:B/A/|G2G B2 A B c2 B/A/|G A G B A B c2 B/A/| G A G B A B c d e |=f2 A A A B c2:|]

WE'RE NO' VERY FU' BUT WE'RE GAILY YET. AKA - "We're Gaily Yet." AKA and see "Up with Aily (2)," "We're gayly yet." English, Air (6/8 & 9/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABBCC. "We're no very fu' but we're gaily yet" is a song that manages to be both convivial and mildly bawdy at the same time, printed in Calliope (1788, Song CCLII) and similar 18th century songsters. The lyric in Calliope goes:

We're gaily yet, and we're gaily yet,
And we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet;
Then sit ye a while and tipple a bit;
For we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet.

There was a lad and they ca'd him Dick
He ga'e me a kiss and I bit his lip;
And down in the garden he shew'd me a trick;
And we're no very fu' but we're gaily yet.
And we're gaily yet, &c.

There were three lads, and they were clad;
There were three lasses, and them they had;
Three trees in the orchard are newly sprung;
And we's a' get gear enough, but we're young.
And we're gaily yet, &c.

Then up wi't Ailey, Ailey,
Up wi't Ailey now;
Then up wi't Ailey, quo' cummer,
We's a' get roaring fu'

And one was kiss'd in the barn;
Another was kiss'd on the green;
And the t'other behind the pease-stack,
Till the mow flew up to her een.
Then up wi't Ailey, &c.

Now fy, John Thomson, rin,
Gin ever ye ran in your life;
De'il get ye, but hie, my dear Jock,
There's a man got to bed with your wife.
Then up wi't Ailey, &c.

Then away John Thomson ran,
And I trow he ran with speed;
But before he had run his length,
The false loon had done the deed.
Then up wi't Ailey &c.

(End with the first verse, We're gaily yet, &c.)

See note for "annotation:I Cannot Win at Her for Her Big Belly for more.

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