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X: 1 T: Well I Know What Kitty Wants S: "Where's the Crack v/1" (DJ Taylor) Z: B.Black L: 1/8 M: 12/8 R: slide K: G D | G2 F G2 A B2 e ege | d2 B BAB d2 B B2 A | G3-G2 A B2 e ege |1 d2 B ABA G3-G2 :|2 d2 B ABA G3-G2 || f | g2 f e2 d e2 f gfe | d2 B BAB d2 B B2 A | g2 f e2 d e2 f gfe | |1 d2 B ABA G3-G2 :|2 d2 B ABA G3-G2 ||

WELL, I KNOW WHAT KITTY WANTS. AKA and see "Art O'Keeffe's (3)," "Echoes of Killarney," "Hen and all Her Broth (The)," "Maggie in the Woods," "Nancy Wants Her Own Share." Irish, Slide (12/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The title "Well, I know what Kitty wants" comes from County Kerry accordion player Denis Doody, who recorded it on his influential 1978 album [1] of unaccompanied accordion music. He was born in Ballinahulla, near Ballydesmond, County Kerry, and was the grandson of musician Din Tarrant (whose name is attached to a number of tunes from the region). Doody spent some time in London, but returned to County Kerry in 1964, where he played with fiddler Denis Murphy and accordion player Johnny O'Leary. Peter Kennedy recorded the tune as a polka from source Maggie Dirrane, Aranmore Aran Islands, Co Galway, who identified it by the lines

I know (well) what Maggie wants--
Maggie wants a squeezer.

The melody is popular and has been played under a variety of titles, such as the slide "Echoes of Killarney," a march ("Nancy Wants Her Own Share"), polka ("Maggie in the Woods"), and single jig ("Hen and all Her Broth (The)"). Brendan Breathnach saw similiarities in the slide "Chearc ar Fad is an tAnraigh (An)", transcribed from the playing of County Kerry fiddler Denis Murphy. A similar tune to Murphy's appears in Peter Kennedy's Fiddler's Tune Book vol. 2 (1954, p. 18) as "Maggie (1)."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Taylor (Where’s the Crack), 1989; p. 31.

Recorded sources : - Mulligan LUN 019, Denis Doody - "Kerry Music" (1978).

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