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X:1 T:Whistlers Jig C:Frankie Rodgers M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G "G"BGB BAG|BGBd2B|"D7"cecA2c|"G"BdBG2D| BGB BAG|BGBd2^d|"D7"e2cA2F|1"G"G3d2c:|2"G"G3FG^G|| K:D |:"D"A3F3|f2ed2A|fdfe2d|"A"d2cc2A| GAGE2G|e2dc2B|AFA BAG|"D"F3FG^G| A3F3|f2ed2A|"D7 "fdfe2d|"G"B6| dcd ede|"D"f2dA2_A,|"A7"-=A,2GF2E|"D "D6:|

WHISTLER'S JIG.Western Canadian, jig (6/8 time). G major (1st part), D major (2nd part). Standard tuning. AABB. Composed by Frankie Rodgers.

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Recorded sources : - MCA Coral CB30006, Frankie Rodgers "Maple Sugar" (1973)

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