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X:1 T:Whistler's Waltz [2] M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz B:Stephen F. Davis - Devil's Box, vol. 16, No. 4, Dec., 1982 (p. 16) N:Transcribed by Frank Maloy Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D "A7"A,6|A,2 B,z (3A,B,A,|"G"G,6|G,2B,2D2|"A7"C6|C2D2E2| "D"D6|D2C2B,2|"A7"A,6|A,2B, z (3A,B,A,|"G"G,4 G,2|G,2B,2D2| "A7"C6|C2D2E2|"D"D2F2[D2A2]|[F6d6]|"D"ff fd ec|dd dA FA| dd dA cA|"G"B6|"A7"ee ec dB|cc cA BG|AA AF GE|"D"F4A2| "D"ff fd ec|dd dd ef|"G"gg ge fd|"Em"e4 ef|"G"gg ge fd|"A7"ee e2d2| c3 A ce|"D"d6|A,2B,2C2|D2E2=F2|^F2A3G|F6|"A7"E2G3F| E6|"D"D2F3D|B,4 _B,2|"D"A,2B,2C2|D2E2=F2|^F2A3G|F6| "A7"E2G3F|E6|"D"D2F3D|B,4_B,2|"D"A,2B,2C2|D2D2=F2| ^F2A3G|F6|"A7"E2G3F|E2B,2C2|"D"D2F2A2|d6||

WHISTLER’S WALTZ [2]. American, Waltz (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. Transcriber Frank Malloy said it was “an old tune played at fiddle contests", and Seattle fiddler Vivian Williams notes that "Just about all the Northwest old timers used to play this waltz." The composition has been credited Harold Allen, however, it has also been attributed to Weiser, Idaho, fiddler Lloyd Wanzer, who is said to have composed it in the 1960's (he can be heard playing it on an American Heritage recording of performers at the 1964 Weiser fiddler's contest). The tune was popularized, recalls Stuart Williams [1], by a number of fiddlers in the 1970's at Weiser, including Wanzer, Harold Allen, Bill Yohey and Don Gish and others in the nineteen-seventies. Wanzer and Harold Allen (1925–2012, who recorded the tune) knew each other, and are credited with co-composing “The Black Velvet Blues.” The waltz is not related to “Whistler's Waltz (1), attributed to Randy Elmore.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Frank Malloy [Devil’s Box].

Printed sources : - Stephen F. Davis (The Devil’s Box), vol. 16, 1982, No. 4; p. 13.

Recorded sources : - American Heritage Music Corporation AH-4-1-4, Harold Allen – “Fiddling Around.” American Heritage Music Corp, Lloyd Wanzer - "Weiser 1964 oldtime fiddlers' contest and folk music festival." Idaho Fiddler's Association, Loyd and Cheryl Wanzer - "Folk Fiddlin' Left Handed Style." Voyager Records VRCD 351, Vivian Williams - "Waltzes" (2001).

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