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X: 1 T:WHITE BUFFALO C:Fatty Moran M:4/4 L:1/8 F: Q:120 P:A |:"Em"E2 EF EDB,D|E2 EF EDB,E|"G"D2 DE DB,A,B,|DB,EB, DB,A,B,| "Em"E2 EF EDB,D|E2 ED EFGA|"Bm"B3 c BAGB|"D"AGED "Em"E4:|| P:B |:"G"Bc d2 d4|Bc d2 d4|"Am"A2 AB cBcd|"D"efed cBAG| "G"Bc d2 d4|Bc d2 d4|"Am"A2 AB cBAG|"Em"E2 ED E4:|]

WHITE BUFFALO. Western US, reel, E minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Jamie Fox got tapes from the family of deceased fiddler Fatty Morin, who had lived on-reservation, in the town where Jamie (or her dad Jim) Fox was born. No other fiddler had this tune but Morin, and if it hadn't been for Jamie carrying this tune on, it likely would have died. Note: Morin is pronounced in English more like "Moran".

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