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X:49 T:Wild Horse M:C L:1/8 S:Charlie Poole, JSP 7734 N:Alternate titles: Stony Point, N..... in the Woodpile F: N:Transcribed by Bruce Thomson K:G ((3DEF)|:"G"G2ged2ed|B2gedB AF|G2ged2ed|BAGB "D"AGED| "G"G2ged2ed|B2gedB AF|G2ge dBAd|[1"D"BAFD"G"G2((3DEF):|[2"D"BAFD"G"G4|| |:"Em"e3ee3g|fgaf gfed|e3ee3g|fgaf "G"g4:| |:"G"gfga bgeg|"D"fefg afdf|"G"gfga bgeg|"D"fgaf "G"g4:|

WILD HORSE. AKA and see "Buck Creek Girl," "Chicken Stampede," “Cripple Creek Girls,” “Goin' Up Chaney” (Bill Monroe’s Uncle Pen), "Hop Along Sally," “Hop Skip Squirrel” (Gene Goforth), “Hop Squirrel,” “Kelton's Reel,” “Nigger in the Woodpile (2),” "Off with Your Jacket," "Old Dad" (Va. title), "Old Mother Goodwin" (Pa.), "Pigtown Fling," "Preacher in the Woodpile," "Rocky Point Jig," "Stony Point (1)," "Stoney Point Reel" (Pa. title, 1866), “Wake Up Jacob,” "Wild Horses at Stony Point," “White Horse (3).” American, Reel (cut time). USA; N.C., Ky., Central West Virginia, southwestern Pa. G Major (Krassen, Phillips, Titon): F Major (Ford). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB: AAAB (Phillips/1989): AA'B (Phillips/1994): ABCD (Silberberg). The tune is wide-spread in the upland South and (under other titles) in the northern United States. Sometimes a third part is added to the first two [Phillips, 1994]. The melody was printed in the Howe publications, White’s Collection and Ryan’s Mammoth Collection in the 19th century under the title “Kelton's Reel.” See also the related tunes "Rich Mountain" and "Rock Jenny Rock." Though an unusual key for the tune, Kentucky fiddler Clyde Davenport played the tune in F Major. “Wild Horse’s” pedigree, at least locally, was remembered by Braxton County, West Virginia, old-time guitar and banjo player Brooks Hardway, who attributed it to a fiddler named John McCune whose hey-day was in the early 20th century. Hardway maintained Old Noah Cotrell had it from McCune and Ward Jarvis learned it in turn from Cotrell (Milnes, 1999, pp. 11–12). “Wild Horse” was in the repertoire of West Virginia fiddler Edden Hammons. Jeff Titon identifies althernate titles “Old Dad” as particular to Virginia, and “Buck Creek Girl” to Kentucky. All versions, however, derive from the Scottish "Mrs. MacLeod's Reel."

The first strain is shared with Montreal accordion player Joseph Plante's "Clog américiane."

Additional notes

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