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X: 1 T:Wild Rover (A36) N: page A36 N: heptatonic R: Waltz M:3/4 L:1/4 K:D z2 D|"D" D3/2 E/2 D| D A, F| F/2 E3/2 F|"G" G3-| G2 A|"A" A F A| G/2 E3/2 C|"D" A,/2 F3/2 E| D3-| D2 D| D E3/2 D/2| D A, F| F E F|"G" G3-| G2 A|"D" A/2 F3/2 A| "A"G/2 E3/2 C/2C/2| A, F E| "D" D C D|"A" E3| E3| C/2 A,3/2- A,-| A,3-| A,"D" F F| F/2 E3/2 F| "G"G3-| G F G|"A" A3-| A3/2 F/2 D| "G" C B,2-|B,2 B,|"D" A,/2 F3/2- F-| F2 E| D3-| D2 z|

WILD ROVER. English, Air and Waltz. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Topic TSCD 669, Bob Forrester & Alf Adamson’s Border Square Dance Band (et al) – “Ranting and Reeling: Dance Music of the north of England” (1998. Harmonica player Forrester was from Carlisle, Cumberland).

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