Annotation:Will ye lend me your loom lass?

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X:1 T:Will ye lend me your Loom Lass M:C L:1/8 R:Air B:James Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion, vol. 4 (1760, p. 21) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G B2|{A}G2(FE) E2 (Bd)|e4 (g<e)(d<B)|d4 (ed)(BA)|B3e (dB)(AB)| {A}G2 (FE) E2 (Bd)|e4 (g<e)(d<B)|g>aba (g<e)(d<B)|A4 B2:| |:A|{A}G2E2E3F|G3A {GA}B2 (AG)|{GA}B2A2 A3d|(BAB)d (ede)g| G2(FE) E3F|(GF)(GA) TB2 (AG)|(AB)(ge) (dB)(AG)|A4B2:| |:A|(GA)(GF) E2 (Bd)|(eB)(gf) T e2(gB)|(dA)(fe) d2 (BA)|B2 e2 (dB)(AB)| G(B/A/) (GF) E2 (GB)|(eB)(gf) (ef)(ga)|b>age (d<B) TA>G|A4B2:| (ba)|(gf)(e^d) e3f|gBdg {ga}b2 a>g|(c'b)(a^g) a3e|(c'b)(a^g) (ac')(ba)| (gf)(e^d) (eB)(fB)|gGBd {ga}b2 Ta>g|(ag)(ab) (g<e)(d<B)|A4B2:| M:C| L:1/8 "Brisk"G2BG AGBG|D2 BG AGEA|G2 BG cBAc|BAGE ED D2:| |:dedB AGAB|dgdB AG E2|d(e/f/ g)B TAGAB|GAGE ED D2:| |:GGBG AGBG|DDBG AGEA|GGBG dBAB|GAGE ED D2:| |:dgBg dgBg|egGB AB E2|DGbG EGAB|GAGE ED D2:| |:g2bg agbg|d2 bg agea|gbag ed Bg|GAGE ED D2:| |:TedBg TedBg|TedBG AB E2|edBg TedBA|GAGE ED D2:|

WILL YE LEND ME YOUR LOOM LASS? AKA - "I maun hae my goon made," "New Made Gowne (The)." Scottish, Air (whole time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. Precursor versions of the air are to be found in several versions of songs that mention gown-making. The antiquarian Stenhouse found the piece in an old MS under the title "The new Gowne made," and John Glen found it under the similar title "The goune made" in a MS dating 1694, while the Margaret Sinkler MS. (1710) gives it as "I would have my goune made." Oswald's title, "Will ye lend me your loom, lass?" is the opening line of the third stanza of a song called "Let me in" from Peter Buchan's Secret Songs of Silence (1832).

The air was used by poet Robert Burns for his song "O Lassie are ye sleepin yet?" See note for "annotation:New Made Gowne (The)" for more information.

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Printed sources : - Oswald (Caledonian Pocket Companion, vol. 4), 1760; p. 21.

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