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X:1 T:Willow Creek C:Ralph Whited (1919-1994, Oneonta, Blount County, north-central Alabama) M:C| L:1/8 N:Willow Creek was where Whited, an avid fisherman, caught N:a 48 lb. catfish. Q:"Quick" R:Reel N:Play AABBCCBB. D:Field Recorder Collective FRC 717, "Ralph Whited: Old Time Alabama Fiddling" (2015). F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D AB|d2dA dBAd|dBAF FEDE|F2AB- BcBA|[A3A3]B [A2A2](AB/c/| d2)d2 fafe|dfed BdAF|DEFD E[FA][EA][EA]|[D3A3][EA][D2A2]:| |:(AB/c/|d2)de fafe|dfed BdAB|d2d2d([de][d2f2])|[A3a3][Aa] [A2a2][A=f]-| [A2^f2] af afaa|fedf edBd|ABce fgec|ed2d d2:| |:D2-|D2DD FFAA|BdAG FED(F|[A2A2])AB- BdA(F|[A3A3]) B [A2A2](AB/c/| d2) d2 fafe|dfed BdBA|DEFD EFEE|D3E D2:||

WILLOW CREEK. American, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCBB. A three-part reel composed by fiddler Ralph Whited (1919-1994), Oneonta, Blount County, north-central Alabama. Whited was a bachelor farmer who lived all his life in the house he was born in, below Sand Mountain at the foot of the Appalachian foothills; a farm inherited from his grandfather, who had been a prosperous farmer. Whited was also an avid fisherman and netted a 48 lb. catfish on Willow Creek, a favorite fishing hole for which he named his reel.

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Recorded sources: - Field Recorders Collective FRC 717, "Ralph Whited: Old Time Alabama Fiddling" (2015). Rounder C 11565, James Bryan - "Rounder Fiddle" (1990). Rounder 0215, James Bryan - "The First of May" (1986).

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