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WITHERED GROWLING OLD WOMAN, THE (Sean-Bhean Chríona an Dranntáin). Irish, Air (6/8 time). A Dorian (Goodman): B Minor (Joyce). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Goodman): AABBCCDD (Joyce). "In O'Daly's Munster Poets there is a very incorrect version, which is in 2/4 time instead of 6/8 as it should be. The setting in Stanford Petrie is correct so far as it goes; but it is curtailed. I give the full and correct version here as I found it in one of the Pigot MSS. I may add that I have known the tune all my life. Compare with 'The Beardless Boy', in Bunting" (Joyce).

Source for notated version: The mid-19th century music manuscript collection of uilleann piper and Church of Ireland cleric James Goodman [Shields].

Printed sources: Joyce (Old Irish Folk Music and Songs), 1909; No. 713, p. 356. Shields (Tunes of the Munster Pipers), 1998; No. 166, p. 70.

Recorded sources:

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